Remote sign, new dimension of digitalization in A1 Slovenia

BetrSign® Remote Sign service represents a new approach to Digital Transaction Management (DTM) across various digital channels. By using remote sign technology A1 Slovenia enabled its users to manage subscription documentation from anywhere and at any time.

Remote sign, new dimension of digitalization in A1 Slovenia

As a part of DTM cloud services, electronic signing can be performed using a range of connected devices: PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Combining fast, simple and accessible solutions with advanced technology significantly affects customer satisfaction and company’s performance.

Omnichannel systems position customers into perspective and enable uniformed user experience via all communication and marketing channels. Companies with this type of solutions manage to retain as far as 89% of their clients compared to the others which rarely exceed 35% (source: Aberdeen Group). Consequently, as far as 75% of companies are expected to invest in omnichannel solutions in the following years. BetrSign® Remote Sign service can be used as a supporting technology for this type of systems.

Compared to other types of (analogue) channels, digital channels can reach a far greater number of customers. This is why expanding customer base is simpler, faster and less expensive with the introduction of electronic signing as opposed to conventional selling channels. Companies can increase satisfaction of their clients by providing the same user experience not related to the (digital) channel of choice. This gives clients an additional motive to maintain long lasting relations with their service providers. Automatization removes potential process errors while enabling easy and user friendly signed documentation browsing.

A1 Slovenia – member of Telekom Austria Group was among the first companies in Slovenia to introduce BetrSign® Remote Sign for its digital sales processes. Customers can now receive and sign their subscription documentation via mobile devices without having to visit one of A1 shops. The introduction of remote sign functionality presents an important milestone for A1 and its subscription user base as it simplifies and optimizes sales processes while enabling telecommunications service provider to reach its clients via digital channels and offload the work at branch offices.

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