About us

Starting in 2001, SETCCE evolved as
renowed DTM vendor positioned across
different industries

Starting in 2001 as information security start-up and e-business software research and development company, SETCCE evolved as renowed DTM vendor positioned across different industries.

Continuous design and development of innovative DTM products that help our customers engage digital channels and streamline processes in pure digital fashion is our main focus. Combining this novel technology solutions and services with new business models that support fast and efficient introduction of digital transaction management drives our mission to change businesses globaly.

What we value

Business transformation

Business transformation

Digital transformation is our main goal. Helping our clients to transform their businesses in more efficient, optimized and customer friendly manner is the main purpose of each of our DTM products.

Client business goals

Client business goals

When designing DTM products our key question needed to be answered is how our clients will benefit from new solution and services and how this will impact their businesses.

Reliability and security

Reliability and security

Our roots and deep understanding of information security help us design state of the art DTM solutions when it comes to introducte digital transformation in different industries in reliable, secure and legally compliant manner.

Global partnering

Global partnering

In order to act globally we partner globally. We have partnered with leading system integrators and dedicated hardware or software vendors to integrate our DTM technology seamlessly and efficiently as horizontal solutions for digital transformation.

Quality of work

Quality of work

Our innovation does not stop with design and development of DTM products. We continuously innovate in how we operate and how we set up environments that optimize work processes and stimulate breakthrough ideas.

Company info

  • Company full name:
    SETCCE, družba za
    e-poslovanje, d.o.o.
  • Company short name:
    SETCCE d.o.o.
  • Headquarters:
    Tehnološki park 21, 1000 Ljubljana
  • Founding date:
    February 2001
  • Identification number:
  • Tax number:

Bank account at NLB d.d.:

  • Account No.:
    SI56 0208 3026 1702 777
  • Swift:

Bank account at Abanka d.d.:

  • Account No.:
    SI56 0510 0801 2500 770
  • Swift:

Management Team

Meet our team

Aljoša Jerman Blažič, M.Sc.


Boštjan Šušteršič, Spec.

VP Sales

Sonja Škufca Zaveršek, B.Sc.


Svetlana Šaljić, M.Sc.


Davorka Šel, Ph.D.


Jan Porekar, B.Sc.

Head of Research


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