Finance & Insurance

DTM in finance sector drastically reduces the use
of paper, shortens processes and reduces errors
in branch offices, on the field or in back office.

Opening an account, performing financial transactions or creating an insuring
policy has never been easier with the use of SETCCE ePero® solution or
ePero®START cloud service.


  • On-board new customer
  • Open bank account
  • Process transactions
  • Sign deposit or loan agreement
  • Sign insurance policy
  • Process insurance claim


  • Secure, easy and legally compliant solutions
  • Reduce material and operational costs
  • Save time and focus on core activity
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Add and sign any document (credit loan, bank transactions, insurance policy, damage claim…)
  • Integrate electronic signing into your existing application without changing process (CIS, BPM, CRM ali ERP)
  • Improve user experience