Other Industries

DTM is gaining footprint in any industry.

Digital stransformation has never been so straightforward
as with BetrSign® and BetrSign® family of products
and services. With e-sign, e-exchange and e-archive any
company from any industry can benefit by reducing the cost of paper,
manual work and other services required to move and handle
documents between partners and departments. At front office,
back office, on the field or on-line. SETCCE solutions and services
support complete lifecycle starting with customer on-boarding,
transaction management and approval processes and document
secure storage.


  • Sign any type of document at front office, back office, on the field or on-line
  • Securely exchange documents
  • Trustworthy preserve documents for legally required retention time


  • Fast and straightforward implementation
  • Integration with existing information systems (ERP, DMS, CRM)
  • Multi platform and multi OS support
  • Compliancy with national, EU and international regulation (eIDAS) and international standards (ISO 27.001, MoReq)
  • Backup and disaster recovery management and controls
  • Physical and electronic security
  • Audit trail for complete process (roles, signatories, time, place, purpose…)