DTM in telecommunication transforms front
or/and back office to truly paperless business
saving time, material and operational costs.

BetrSign® cloud service is perfect solution for signing subscription
contracts, appendixes, orders and other documents in shops. Supporting
mobile devices, paperless sales and delivery processes are extended on
the field with the use of BetrSign® mobile service, while BetrSign®
Remote Sign extends sales to on-line channels.


  • On-board new customer
  • Sign subscription agreement in a shop or on the field
  • Get orders
  • Deliver services and devices on the field
  • Collect devices for repair


  • Secure, easy and legally compliant solution
  • Reduce costs of handling, storage and search of subscription document
  • Increase employees’ efficiency by cutting down manual work
  • Ensure document security, authenticity and avoid signature forgery
  • Integrate electronic signing into your existing application without changing process
  • Improve user experience


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