SETCCE provides professional consulting services for every step of digital
transformation process and helps organizations of any size that focus
on successful digital transformation and business optimization.

  • Digital Transformation
  • DTM Technology
  • Security Policies and Organizational Rules

Digital transformation

Every digital transformation
starts with precise planning.

Goals definition, GAP analysis and blueprint preparation is
followed by implementation on both, technology and
organizational level. SETCCE provides professional consulting
services for every step of digital transformation process and
helps enterprises and organizations of any size that focus on
sucessfull digital transformation and business
optimization with:

  • Review and analysis of existing business processes;
  • Definition of background and goals for digital transformation;
  • Review and analysis of legal framework related to paperless business;
  • Definition and engineering of paperless processes;
  • Technical engineering for information systems that will support paperless business;
  • Definition and implementation of organizational rules and policies for paperless business
Digital transformation

DTM Technology

When goals and steps of digital transformation
are set and blueprinting starts, designing and
selecting proper DTM technology that will support
paperless processes form organizationaly,
technically and legally is a major milestone.

SETCCE offers a range of consulting services helping
enterprises select and implement the most suitable DTM
technology that will meet digital transformation goals for:

  • Customer Digital On-boarding
  • Managing and utilization of electronic indetities
  • Implementation and use of electronic documents with electronic signatures
  • Securely and trustworthy preserve business related content and documents
  • Electronic signing of documents

Security Policies and
Organizational Rules

Deployment and use of DTM technologies is as secure as rules defining on how to perform paperless business.

Organizational rules define how digital processes are implemented and run, how DTM technology is utilized and used to support digital business and how roles in processes utilize implemented processes and technology.

SETCCE ISO/IEC 27.001 consulting services help enterprises and organizations strategize, build, and certify a robust and effective Information Security Management System. ISO/IEC 27.001 is an international standard developed by experts in the field of information security and provides methodology for the implementation of information security management in an organization.

Several steps are taken towards implementing information security management system implementation including:

  • definition of framework, scope, risk assessment,
  • risk treatment plan,
  • gap assessment
  • gap remediation,
  • security metrics definition,
  • policies
  • standards implementation
  • internal audit support.

Enterprises and organizations have a choice to become certified with ISO/IEC 27.001 standard compliancy. Once obtained the ISO/IEC 27.001 certification must be reviewed and maintained on a regular basis.



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