Automotive industry is facing big challenges
in all departments including sales. Introduction
of DTM in sales processes reduces material and
operational costs and raises customer satisfaction.

BetrSign® cloud service supports multi party processes at point of sales
including standard sales process, financing and insurance. Paperless processes
can be extended to after sales services, like repair and maintenance.


  • On-board new customer
  • Sign purchase contract
  • Sign car loan documents
  • Arrange and sign car insurance policy
  • Accept car for repair or maintenance
  • Test fleet services and rental services


  • Secure, easy and legally compliant solution
  • Perform several processes without the use of paper with a single solution
  • Reduce costs of handling, storage and search of car purchase or car maintenance document
  • Increase employees’ efficiency by cutting down manual work
  • Improve user experience
  • Integrate electronic signing into your existing application without changing process