Public Administration

BetrSign® cloud service
addresses even the most complex
environments like public administration.

The use of DTM advanced solution like BetrSign® can be applied
to front offices, back offices and on-line by single integration with
the single aim to reduce cost of paper and manual work. Secure,
reliable and trustworthy service is legally compliant with EU and
other legal framework.


  • Sign any type of document at front office, back office, on the field or on-line
  • Securely store e-documents
  • Trustworthy preserve documents for legally required retention time


  • Fast and straightforward implementation
  • Integration with exisiting public administration information systems
  • Multi platform and multi OS support
  • Compliancy with national ((ZVDAGA, ZEPEP), EU and international regulation (eIDAS) and international stadnards (ISO 27.001, MoReq)
  • Backup and disaster recovery management and controls
  • Physical and electronic security
  • Audit trail for complete process (roles, signatories, time, place, purpose…)