Video identification: a new approach to Digital Transaction Management

SETCCE has organized a Partner Event – DIGITAL FIRST with successful demonstration of a process where the physical presence of an individual in signing a short-term loan agreement is no longer needed. This feature can be applied to many other examples where identification is a key element of managing business transactions.

Video identification: a new approach to Digital Transaction Management

‘’This is an innovative approach to Video ID and DTM services that empowers companies and customers with further digital on-boarding opportunities. By using this technology, individuals don’t have to visit one of the branch-offices to conduct a certain procedure which is a win-win situation: both for the client and the service provider,’’ Boštjan Šušteršič (VP Sales at SETCCE) told the audience during his presentation. Besides Boštjan we hosted many other speakers who shared their views and experience on Video ID, electronic identities and their use in modern business environments: Nejc Horvat (Global iD), Metod Platiše (Telekom Slovenia), Andraž Trtnik (AML expert), Luka Gabrovšek (Mastercard), Tomaž Ahlin (Generali Slovenia), Elvis Baltić and Igor Porenta (SETCCE).

Combination of first-class technology and legally compliant service is a result of SETCCE’s long-term research and development that is focused on delivering customer-friendly innovative DTM products. With electronic identities created using Video ID service, a user can sign legally binding documents from anywhere, at any time, on any device. SETCCE’s CEO Aljoša Jerman Blažič adds that ''fast-changing markets demand constant attention and planning in many years ahead. When it comes to product development we have to think about the future which demands a lot of effort and dedication.’’ Designing a product that is easy-to-use, secure and legally compliant was a unique technological challenge considering strict European legislation on Trust Services and Electronic Identification.

‘’Legally compliant Video ID is less susceptible to fraud and abuse than the conventional form of identification at point-of-sales scenarios,’’ Andraž Trtnik told the participants at the event. SETCCE is determined to provide the necessary technologies to ensure its services are in line with the highest security standards. An individual can initiate the process that lasts less than 5 minutes via laptop/PC, tablet or a smartphone. During this procedure, the user has to provide his ID card, phone number and e-mail address which are all verified by an agent that is specially trained to conduct video identification. After a successfully conducted process, an electronic identity (eID) is created that is later used as a mean of authentication for managing business transactions e. g. electronic signing of documents remotely with any device.

For every business, digital channels are increasingly becoming a customer's first choice. Enterprises are therefore driven to setup and maintain relationships with their customers digitally while delivering a simplified and improved user experience. Concluding business transactions without direct physical presence isn’t only a trend, customers today demand the use of digital technologies while the companies see it as a tool for optimizing business workflows. Tomaž Ahlin, Head of BI & DQ at Generali Slovenia confirms that ‘’this technology enables fast and easy access for the customers while decreases operational costs for the provider.’’ 

After the presentations participants enjoyed a friendly reception and a supervised program at AMZS’s safe driving track. Special thanks go to SETCCE’s partner Avant car that provided electric vehicles (BMW, VW, Tesla), part of their ‘’electric fleet’’, which attendees were able to test and evaluate skills on AMZS’s test track.

Thanks to all who attended and supported our Partner Event and who helped to make it such a great occasion! 

Want to learn more about SETCCE Video ID services? Explore how it works! 

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