SMARTCARGO and SETCCE partnership to integrate and offer electronic signature to the logistics industry

SMARTCARGO and SETCCE agreed on a partnership to offer an authentic and legally binding electronic signature. The aim of this partnership is to provide a complete digitalization of the logistic documentation. The Covid19 crisis just pushed the inevitable – fully digitalized documentation process and adoption of high-tech solutions to boost the operation volume and reduction of the operational costs.

SMARTCARGO and SETCCE partnership to integrate and offer electronic signature to the logistics industry

Gregor Humar, CEO and Founder of SMARTCARGO said:

»This crisis has been a necessary opportunity for growth. In this spirit I and my team proudly inform our partners and followers about the newest partner in the digital transformation process: the SETCCE and their technology »ePero« will play a key role in the security of authentic exchange of documentation throughout the entire supply chain. For us, the SmartCargo crew, this partnership is a confirmation that our vision is applicable through the hard work of everyone on the team, bringing us one step closer to the new era of logistics.«

Aleksej Jerman Blažič, CEO of SETCCE added:

»In line with our partner network strategy development and delivering advanced DTM services across different industries, SmartCargo is an important gateway for the logistic sector. In combination with SmartCargo platform, supporting all important steps in logistic processes and cargo document flows, our BetrSign® service aims to redefine the digitalization of logistics.  with its advanced, versatile, multichannel document digital approval options and state-of-the-art, trusted e-signature techniques.«

About SmartCargo

SmartCargo is an avant-garde IT company, offering a solution for the digital transformation of the logistics process. SmartCargo's revolutionary digital platform offers a fully digital application of paper documents and provides full control over user's cargo flow. SmartCargo's innovation optimizes key logistics processes, ensuring a dramatic improvement in performance (up to ten times faster) and a significant reduction in operating costs (up to 83%).

SmartCargo connects shippers, suppliers, distributors, carriers, freight forwarders, insurance companies, and all other potential stakeholders using our organized and well-balanced ecosystem.

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