For even stronger security of your business

SETCCE - a qualified trust service provider

Our customers and the safety of your business are always our nr. 1 priority, so we are constantly striving to raise confidence in our services. In order to increase your satisfaction, we have managed to pass a demanding and time-consuming conformity assessment with great effort and thus become a qualified trust service provider.

For even stronger security of your business

SETCCE services are one of the most reliable and secure on the market, as they have already passed the most demanding security assessments ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 and ISO / IEC 27018: 2014, which ranks us among the leading providers of secure digital transaction management services. With the successful completion of the audit for trust services, we have successfully included our services in the list of qualified trust service providers, valid at the national and European level. We will be able to continue supporting your digitalized business in a safe and legally compliant manner. By being on the list of trust services, we meet all the requirements of the eIDAS Regulation, implementing acts of the European Parliament and the Council of the EU and specific ETSI standards for electronic commerce.

Our work is not over yet. We are expanding BetrSign® with new possibilities and functionalities that will bring digital transaction management closer to an even larger circle of users. New electronic signing options are subject to strict security audits and are included in an expanded list of trust services.

Feel free to read more about our latest e-signature technologies and the solutions that allow you to improve, accelerate and digitize your business processes.

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