At IFINTEC (Finance Technologies Conference and Exhibition) in Istanbul, Turkey, SETCCE presented its best practices from various different projects to the respective audience from the financial sector. 


The message delivered by our Head of International Sales - Bojan  Miličić was how our success stories in Digital Transaction Management empower banks and other financial institutions. The presentation was focused on processes in the financial sector where introduction of paperless business can make the biggest impact such as: - delivering frictionless point-of-sale processes, - upgrading door-to-door sales possibilities, - remote customer onboarding and relationship management,   - enhancing partner network ecosystem (car dealers, retail stores, field agents, etc.). We were pleased to see that participants showed a great deal of interest in how SETCCE’s all-round platform for electronic signing - BetrSign®, simultaneously supports all of these scenarios. They were drawn by its capacity to reduce operating costs and increase sales by simplifying and accelerating existing workflow processes. A big thanks to all participants for the positive feedback and a warm reception received in Turkey!

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